2016 pt.2

Here comes part 2 of my amazing year;


I moved to beautiful, sunny Perth. Winter was coming but it was beautiful.


Got my first ever Au-Pair job, in a family that still today has a very special part in my heart. They were simply amazing.

And they got a PUPPY during my stay!!! Frankie, Frankie <3

Met these two wonderful people, looking forward to our trips this year. 


Went on a bunch of first ever camping trips and road trips.



Took a crazy trip, that taught me a lot about life, to Cambodia and spend some wonderful days with this person.



Got to Thailand for some warmth,


saw wild monkeys and took cooking classes,


Met two of my now very close friends.



Came back to Stockholm after being away 7 months, and got the best week in my life, 


Swedish breakfast <3

hanging out and making awesome memories with this girl, 

tacos <3

some amazing nights out, these people make me so happy.

And then it was time for my Homecoming Party, Swedish summer, my best friends and one of the best nights in my life.

Took a roadtrip to my grandad a beautiful summer day.


And then it was time for me heading down south to work. I think I worked like 150-200 hours in 3 weeks. So my life was at the cafe.



Although I did have one day off - spending it in my favourite city Copenhagen.


And then I headed back to beautiful and warm Stockholm for a week,

hanging out with these,

going to outside cinemas,

and eating good meals with good friends.


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